Free Guide to What is Thai Yoga? 101

What it is and How this Practice can Jumpstart your Therapy Practice!

Free Guide to What is Thai Yoga? 101

Welcome to your first course on SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy!

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What is Thai Yoga 101 lays the foundation for understanding this amazing indigenous, traditional medicine system and exactly how it can benefit us today. The roots of Thai Yoga are found in the Ayurveda of Thailand... Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM- Ayurveda of Thailand). Thai Traditional Medicine is almost entirely based on Classical Indian Medicine or Ayurveda and, to a lesser extent, the influences of Theravada Buddhism/ Buddhist Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the contributions of Native and Tribal peoples: Karen, Akha, Lisu, Mien, Lahu, Hmong, and others.

Over the next Six (6) Free Lessons, What is Thai Yoga Course 101 will give you the specifics of the history, geography, philosophy, and most fundamental practice concepts. These practice ideas and philosophies are adaptable and beneficial to be used as a stand-alone, comprehensive therapy system for most illnesses and disabilities. The indigenous traditional medicine of Thailand is just that, Primary Medicine Care for millions of people for the past thousand years... so we know the practices work as advertised! Additionally, many therapist, healers, physicians, Chiropractors, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Doctors, Naturopath, and Massage Therapist have found that integrating Traditional Thai Yoga Therapies and protocols have brought new life and healing possibilities to their existing practices.

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The ONLY Online Thai Yoga (Traditional Thai Massage) course exclusively authored and designed by a recognized Aachan and Master Teacher of Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy!

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  • NEW!! It also includes New Covid-19, Novel Infection, Vaccine Information, Strategies and protocols for dealing with the current pandemic, and Vaccine Info and related! (Updated April 1st. 2023: Added 1 New Lesson and One New Free PDF eBook on treating Post Vax and Long Covid with SomaVeda® and Functional Medicine!)
For those specializing in Chirothesia or spiritually based "Hands-On Healing" modalities, these practices provide new and powerful clinical approaches to disease and reduce the incidence of occupational disability that so many therapists suffer from! Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy (Indigenous Traditional Thai Massage) has been known for centuries as healthy and good for the therapist as for the patient, communicant/ client!

As you go through the courses included here at LearnThaiYoga, please know we can answer your questions in the comments here or directly by email. I am a Master Teacher and Thai Ajahn with 39 years of clinical practice, teaching full-time since 1984. I have personally taught more than 20k students around the world to do this work to date, and the teachers I have certified have, in turn, certified another 20k+ students to practice. We operate a 5-acre dedicated sanctuary, college, clinic, and Yoga school.

We know Thai Yoga Therapy, but not many know it better. I can teach you to practice effectively and make a fabulous living and income with this amazing tradition. We can offer this so that we do not steal or engage in cultural misappropriation. We are authentic representations of this work and the living schools which have brought it to us from ancient times. Lastly, we are certainly one of the only Ayurveda, Thai Yoga, and or Yoga Therapy programs administered by recognized Ajahn's (Thai Master teacher) and or Physicians!

If at any time you want to translate your "Certificates of Attendance and Completion" into competency-based national and internationally recognized professional certifications, we can do that! We offer "Live" practitioner certification courses at The Thai Yoga Center six times a year. In addition to the five competency-based Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yoga Therapy certificate programs, our college, The American College of Natural Medicine (A.C.N.M.), offers five different pre and or post-grad College Degree Paths from Associate to Doctorate and Ph.D.!

Need Legal Protection? Lastly, this program is the only US-based program that can offer you a "Legal Shield" or authorized legal basis to practice Ayurveda, Thai Yoga, Yoga Therapy, or Indigenous Traditional Natural Medicine anywhere in the US. Our graduates who follow our legal guidelines and NAIC Authorizations Program can practice in all 50 states and US Territories with no additional governmental licensing! We will be giving you all the explicit details in further courses all for your nominal monthly fee!

I look forward to working with you whether you are in the on-line platform or in our Live in-class certification programs.

You can always ask questions during any course your in.

Ajahn, Dr. Anthony B.James and TYC Staff

Your Instructor

Dr. Anthony B. James
Dr. Anthony B. James

Prof. Anthony B. James MSc.(Clinical Herbology), DNM(C), ND(T), MD(AM), DOM(Acu), DPHC(h.c.), Ph.D. (IM), Ph.D. (Hospitaller Medicine h.c.), DMM, RAAP, UTTS, MSGR./CHEV., Ordained Native Monsignor-Native Bishop, Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church of the East in Brazil, Dean, Professor, Director of Education and Traditional Medicine AAPNA.Advisory Board Member
Professor- Teacher, Physician, Registered Ayurveda Doctor (Vidya), Chriistian Minister, Healer, Therapist... Florida, USA

Anthony B. James was one of the first Westerners ever recognized in Thailand as an authentic Thai Traditional Medicine teacher and Ajahn or professor; where his work is known and honored throughout the country by the Royal Thai Gov't Ministries of Thai Traditional Medicine, Thai Department of Commerce and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TOT- Friend of Thailand Awardee recipient), Wat Po Association of Thai Traditional Medical Schools registered AJAHN (Ajahn)/ Professor of Thai Traditional Medicine. He is a teacher of Thai Ayurveda, Classical Indian Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vedic astrology (Thai Korosot Astrology), who shows how Yoga and Vedic systems of knowledge interface for optimizing our human potential.

A.A.P.N.A. Advisory Board Member and Registered Ayurvedic Doctor R.A.D. (A.A.P.N.A.) practicing Ayurveda Medicine and therapy for over 39 years. His books include "Ayurveda of Thailand- The A.A.P.N.A. Veda Vyasa Award Recipient for 2017", "Ayurveda and Thai Yoga, Religious Therapeutics Theory and Practice," as several Telly Award-winning Video Documentaries on Thai Traditional Medicine and Thai Yoga Therapy. He is currently the director of the N.A.I.C.: American College of Natural Medicine, A.C.N.M.School of Ayurveda Medicine and Thai Yoga Center, Staff and Faculty for Oriental Medicine Doctoral program of the PanAmerican School of Natural Medicine- Nevis West Indies, and on the editorial board for the magazine "International Journal of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine."

Dr. James has a forty-year background in natural healing, including the systems of Native American Medicine, Thai Ayurveda, Classical Indian Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, and Vedic Astrology. He has an M.D.(AM) degree, Board Certified Naturopathic Degree, two doctoral degrees in Natural Medicine, an O.M.D. (Acupuncture), and a doctorate/Ph.D. in Indigenous Medicine and Monastic Medicine. Dr. James also holds a Masters's in Clinical Herbology and has taught herbal medicine for several years. He is the dean of the A.C.N.M.: American College of Natural Medicine, the School of Ayurveda Medicine, and the Thai Yoga Center schools and programs. Dr. James is the author of numerous books, articles, and hundreds of educational videos focused on Ayurveda and related topics. For many years, he has presented seminars and at national and international medical conferences, including A.A.P.N.A.

In addition to his interest and research into his family's Native American Religious and medical heritage, Dr. James is an ordained priest and Monsignor of the Sacred Medical Order of The Church of Hope (S.M.O.CH./ S.M.O.K.H.). The Church of Hope is a unique and sacred ministry of monastic medicine, sanctified healing, ecclesiastical medicine, holistic medicine, and indigenous medicines as part of religious doctrine, where he is working to integrate Ayurveda and Complimentary Medicine into the Monastic Medical Tradition of the church.

In September 2016, Ajahn James published a comprehensive textbook titled "Ayurveda of Thailand: Indigenous Traditional Thai Medicine and Yoga Therapy, "Meta Journal Press. This new book details Ayurveda's authentic history and genuine practices, philosophy, and religious therapeutics in Thailand.

Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society

November 30th. 2009, Ajahn, Dr. Anthony James receives LifeTime Membership Recognition with the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (U.T.T.S.). The award was presented by Mr. Aram Amaradit (Dr. Amratisha), Member of Parliament of Surin Province, Chairman of the Committee on Public Health, President, and founder: Of the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Ministry on Public Health, Thailand. U.T.T.S. Life Time recognition (Thai Traditional Medicine/ Thai Traditional Massage) credentials #520121896. The credentials were issued in the offices of The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Anthony James, Life Time Member UTTS

Ajahn, Dr. James studied under the former Grandmaster Ajahn Sintorn Chaichagun at the Shivagakomarpaj Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 1988 to 1995. He maintained a working relationship with his mentor in the Northern style, Grand Master Sintorn, and "The Old Medicine Hospital" until Grand Master Sintorn's passing in 2005.

Ajahn, Dr. James was the original founder and chief Teacher for the International Thai Therapists Association 1992-2012, to fairly represent the traditional Thai Yoga and Thai Massage practiced primarily in the US. Dr. James specializes in Native American Medicine, Thai medical theory, Asian history, Ayurveda, and Theravada Buddhism. In 2006, he was granted Ajahn/ professor and Master Thai Traditional Medicine: Thai Yoga/ Thai Massage Teacher status through the Anantasuk system (Hua Hin Thailand), recognized by the Wat Po Association. The Wangklaikangwon Industrial College Dean and Educational Director, Dr. Surasak Srinoi, presented the award.

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Thank you for completing your first course on SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy! "Free Guide to What is Thai Yoga? 101".

I hope this FREE course was helpful and informative towards your understanding and practice of Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy. Now you know it has deep roots and has proven it's effectiveness as a viable and practical therapy for pain and disease for thousands of years including to the present day. You can perform this healing alternative and traditionally based natural medicine as a stand alone therapeutic practice or you can integrate it as a CAM or complimentary Alternative Medicine therapy into an existing healing or therapeutic practice such as Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Rehab, Yoga School, Ayurveda Practice or Any other Natural and/ or Holistically focused Ministry etc.

Additionally, this work can bring new dimensions and vibrancy to an existing practice. It can provide new income stream and profitability. It can reduce the lively hood that your physically based therapeutic practice will disable you the therapist with repetitive and occupational related disabilities which are becoming so common today. This Thai Yoga Therapy when performed correctly in a traditional way is proven to be as good for the giver as for the receiver.

Now, lets get technical! Let me show you how to do it, how to integrate this exciting possibility of what therapy can be into your life and practice. Enroll in the Jump Start Your Healing Practice and Improve Your Income Omnibus Course today for only $12.00 per month unlimited subscription plan! Lets get started. 100% satisfaction on content! Cancel at anytime!

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Aachan, Dr. Anthony B. James

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